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  • MT ferrule

    MT ferrule

    MT ferrule can connect the multiple fiber with high pricised and high densified technology to achieve the low loss in each fiber.
    A wide range of MT ferrule for SM and MM including 4,8,12,16,24,32,48 fiber application.
    Low loss type is avilable in both SM and MM.
    ※Technical transferring and licensing to manufacture and market by NTT.?
  • MPO connector

    MPO connector

    Hakusan offers MPO plug kit and assembled cord with MT ferrule and MPO connector.
  • PMT Connector

    PMT Connector

    PMT Connector applies for Polymer Optical Waveguide using a high precision MT ferrule technology.
    Reference:JPCA-PE03-01-07S -2006
  • Compact MT

    Compact MT

    Half Thickness 12MT Ferrule
    Thickness = 1.25mm


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